A home should be your little sanctuary, a place long be to you, a place you're eager to come back to day after day. It should be far from all the madness of the outside world, yet accessible, to the outside world when you so desire.Blissful, calm and serene your home, in other words, is another important part of you-welcome to Sigma Gold.

A home is forever. Get introduce to a lifetime of luxury and comfort. Your special zone with the finest residence, people and location combine to after you a lifestyle that can proudly be called Sigma Gold.

Sigma Gold has that very special touch. You can see it at first glance. Its graceful architecture oozes charm but what what exterior hides is for more interesting. Home at Sigma Gold are guaranteed an abundant supply of natural air, natural light and spaces so well designed the apartments tend to lock much larger than they actually are .The terraces homes are blessed with party space and you can proudly call the world over.