About Us


Sigma Realty is a part of Jasuja Group, S.K. Builders and Raitani Construction Company.

Jasuja Group is a well established Realty and Hospitality Company that has won over many customers from across the country. The landmark Hotel Narmada Jacksons, Hotel Jabali Palace and Jasuja City in Jabalpur are the Jasuja Group initiative and is known for its high standards in the hospitality and Realty sector.

S.K. Builders Group is a well established Construction Company with strong fundamental experience over 35 years and huge infrastructure has proved being one of the most prestigeous and magnamous construction company in private, public and defence sector which builts dreams into reality.

Raitani Construction Company is a well established Construction Company. The Company is active in various fields of construction such as residential, industrial, Roads and Pavements, Structural Steel Work etc. The company has worked with various Reputed Client such as:

  • National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd. New Delhi
  • Coal India Ltd., Kolkata
  • Southern Structurals Ltd., Chennai
  • IIT’S at Kanpur and Jabalpur

Sigma Realty has already made forays into the exciting world of real estate development providing with best Duplexes, Plots, Row houses, Flats (2bhk, 3bhk and 4bhk), Villas, Bungalows and Farm houses in Jabalpur. Sigma Silver will showcase the group’s presence in this exciting segment.